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I make on my Imac under Mountain Lion keynote presentations with all different effects. How do i transfer the presentation to my ipad. Ihave on my ipad keynote installed but my presentation is different than the one i made orginally on my imac. Some effects missing, format not correct, some other character types...

Any help is welcome , due to the fact that i bought an ipad to set my presentations on it , and via a VGA cable to use my ipad in the field instead of moving my imac every time.


Second question: my imac does not have airplay ( previous model) can i connect it via my Apple TV to see my presentation at home on my big screen, so i can check my presentations in advance.



Please any comment is more than welcome

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    There are a number of restrictions when using a Keynote file created on Mac and transfered to iPad.

    read this Apple Knowledge article:




    creating a Keynote presentation on your Mac for use on an iPad

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    Not sure where else to put this, but was having the reverse problem.  I had created a presentation on my Mac, got it to the iPad fine.  However, the updated comments (presenter notes) I made on the iPad would not transfer back to Keynote on the Mac.  I tried the iTunes transfer and PadSync, but neither worked.  I tried to email myself the presentation from Keynote on the iPad, but the file was too large.  I finally found the option to save the iPad Keynote file as a PowerPoint file through iTunes.  I did that and it opened with all my notes in tact.  The font is too large to display on the notes page, but formatting will fix that.  i would imagine that if I'd gotten rid of all of my PowerPoint software, I could open the file in OpenOffice and at least my notes would be there.