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The title says it all. I noticed last year this crashing  in March I assumed it was the age of the Ipad. I did nothing because I knew I was getting a new one well before then Bought a new one in December and the same is happening. I have seen the suggestions which don't seem to work. Where is the best place to complain?

iOS 6.0.2, 4G Ipad
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    What suggestions have you tried ?


    If you haven't already done so try removing any all-day events from the calendar for the 1st April 2013 e.g. if you are syncing the calendar from somewhere else (e.g. Outlook on a PC or iCal/Calendar on a Mac) then change it to a timed event instead of all-day (if you don't sync your calendar from anywhere then try going into list view, go to 1st April and change any 'all day' events to times e.g. change Easter Monday to start at something like 4am) - it seems that there is a problem with all day events on that date which is when the clocks change due to daylight saving on the day before.

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    This problem with some iPads and iPhones is apparently caused by the fact that some small amount of additional time is being added to the calendar this year for midnight March 31 and the Calendar app chokes if you have an all day event scheduled for April 1.


    I've seen posts about this on numerous occassnas and have checked my Calendar app many times. It has never crashed. I do have one event set for April 1 but it is an automatically recurring timed event and not an all day event.


    Hopefully we will see the problem disappear after this March.

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    Thanks a lot the suggestion did not work because I  couldn't find a way to change the time. So I went to calenders and unchecked Public Holidays on .Mac. Went to March 2013 and no crash. The checked Public Holidays to subscribe and March crashed. Unchecked and March ok. Crazy. It will be a nuisance not to have them on the calender but until somene fixes this I'll have to cope.  Thanks again. Dont understand why your message istimes as being sent 9.45am today but who cares it helped.

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    IT seems that any all day event on APril 1 crashes the calendar. Even if that all day event is a subscribed calendar. For many, Easter Monday is the culpret.


    The theory is that since daylight savings ends on March 31, but only some people honor daylight savings, the calendar app is struggling to reconcile when to start an all day even on April 1, when March 31 can be 24 or 23 hours long.


    ANd while a human brain will go 'whatever', a computer brain fritzes hence the crash.