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My brother passed away and I purchased his tower and other equipment from his estate.  The system is running OS X (10.6.8) and I can not update or install anything due to the password access issue.  I have found a 10.4.7 OS X install disk and have read the information about starting up with holding down the C key.  Also read about keychain access but when using spotlight to search for the "login.keychain" file, spotlight indicates nothing is found.  Obviously I am a little nervous about this as the system has about 9 terabytes of storage with all his digital music and other information on it.  He used everything from Digital Performer to Adobe products to Final Cut, etc.  I REALLY do not want to lose access to his work.  My questions right now are:


1.  Do you think it will be ok to use the 10.4.7 disk to restart and reset the password?   My guess is any updates were handled online.

2.  If no "login.keychain" file is found, does this indicate he never password protected his program access?

3.  If he had an Apple account, is it possible to have it assigned to me due to his death so I can access any records/services that may exist?


This makes me a new Apple user so any help, no matter how simple it might sound would be appreciated.




Jet Taylor

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