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Didn't realise this forum existed, so I was overjoyed to find it and I hope you can assist me.


I have two questions I thought I'd put in the same thread rather than starting two threads.


  1. I am relocating for work and over the next six months or so I will be away from the family during the week where I will have my PC and they will have the Laptop. I've just installed iTunes on the laptop and was wondering if I should create a new account for my wife or if I can continue to use my single account for both locations/machines.
  2. I'm always tinkering with my PC and wipe my OS (windows vista currently) frequently. Everytime I do so I lose my library details. I don't lose my songs and films etc as they are stored on one of the drives that I do not touch, but I lose my playlists, my ratings and other relevant things. I've tried all sorts to ensure that I save them, but nothing seems to work. With an upcoming tinker/upgrade imminent I wanted to see how this was acheived. I managed to do it on my PC from years ago time and time again, but now it just fails and I have to filter, sort, rate around 10k songs and films.....




Windows Vista
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    1) You can use the same account from any computer with itunes.  No need to create another.  This would only complicate matters


    2) You should always maintain a backup copy of your library.  You can Google how to do this.

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    Thanks RG,


    I might be getting confused on terminology.


    I have backedup all my music, but when I have backed up my library and then tried to reinstall it, it fails. I can't recall the exact message I get but I do remember the file extensions being wrong.

    It's not the music files that are the issues, it's the playlists, the ratings, the times played etc.


    The problem is, as my library expands, I want to risk it and test it less and less.



    I just did a google and all the searches are relevant to storing the music files, not the above. It seems to be refered to as meta data.


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    This is the proceedure we followed last time.


    I ended up getting my playlists titles back, but there were no songs in them and I had to go through and rate them all again as I seemed to have lost the ratings.

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    I think I know what the problem is. Due to using a limited OS hard drive, I allocated another drive to take all of my iTunes music and movies etc, however it seems that the C:>User>name>Music folder still contains the 'other' files, such as the preferences, .itl folders etc etc.

    Is it a simple case of copying the two folders (content and metadata) to the same file on the external hard drive? This way, when they are re-imported iTunes thinks they originated from the same folder?



    Not sure I'm being entirely clear here.

    My music and movies are stored in Drive E.

    C>User>name>music> still contains iTunes files.

    Can I just merge these and will things work?