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Didn't realise this forum existed, so I was overjoyed to find it and I hope you can assist me.


I have two questions I thought I'd put in the same thread rather than starting two threads.


  1. I am relocating for work and over the next six months or so I will be away from the family during the week where I will have my PC and they will have the Laptop. I've just installed iTunes on the laptop and was wondering if I should create a new account for my wife or if I can continue to use my single account for both locations/machines.
  2. I'm always tinkering with my PC and wipe my OS (windows vista currently) frequently. Everytime I do so I lose my library details. I don't lose my songs and films etc as they are stored on one of the drives that I do not touch, but I lose my playlists, my ratings and other relevant things. I've tried all sorts to ensure that I save them, but nothing seems to work. With an upcoming tinker/upgrade imminent I wanted to see how this was acheived. I managed to do it on my PC from years ago time and time again, but now it just fails and I have to filter, sort, rate around 10k songs and films.....




Windows Vista