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OS X 10.4.11


The firewire ports aren't working, and in the system profiler they are listed as 'unknown device'.


I tested the computer with OF and everything passed.  Is there something I can do to update the firewire drivers or something?




iBook, Mac OS X (10.3.x), 300 Mhz, 160MB RAM
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    I have two of these machines - I started trying to use one as a target drive, when that didn't work, I connected my external firewire drive to each one.  On one, it pops right up and works fine, on the other, nothing happens.


    I just wanted to add that info.

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    More information as I have tinkered with it.  When I connect the sleeping firewire drive, it wakes up and accesses the drive just like it does on the emac that works properly, but no icon ever shows up on the desktop (yes, I checked the finder settings to make sure that the icons would pop up on the desktop)


    Tech Tool 6 shows the firewire at 400Mbps, and this is supposed to be a check of the bus.  This is a known good cable. 


    Could I have two damaged ports?