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  I have a Mac Pro which has two (physical) hard discs: a 1TB on which OS X 10.7.5 is installed, and a 250 GB which has six partitions, on one of which OS X 10.6.8 is installed.  I use OS X 10.6.8 almost exclusively.  However on startup the machine will sometimes boot up to OS X 10.7.5.  When that happens I go into system perferences, > startup disc, and I see that the 10.6.8  disc is already selected and the lock is open - so why did it come up with OS 10.7?  I then click on the OS X 10.6 disc - to make sure that  that one really is chosen, and then close the lock,  The next window I see asks me to enter my password to allow system preferences to change settings.  It then starts to boot up and usually (but not always) ends up with OS 10.6 operative.  I don't understand the lock - once I close it, I'd expect it to stay closed until I would change its condidtion.  But it gets opened!  This isn't a serious problem, but it means that I have to 'double' start up,  maybe 25% of the time.  Suggestions?    Glenn Haste

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