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I'm running iPhoto '11 (9.2.1), and I'm trying to re-import photos that I burned from iPhoto onto CD's a few years ago.


When I insert a disk, it will show up in iPhoto, with the generic name "iPhoto library," but it says "no photos" and "0 KB" of data. However, if I click on the disc directly, from the Finder, all of the information seems to be there, including the photos I want. I can drag them onto the desktop, etc.


Re-importing would be much easier if I could get iPhoto to recognize the disk--I could avoid dragging and dropping from all those confusing folders on the disk, and losing metadata (I gather). Any ideas on how to get the program to recognized the burned photos?


(I have 10 disks in all, 5 originals and 5 duplicates, and the problem exists on all of them.)

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7), mid-2011 i5