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Why does iMovie '11 fail to save sometimes? What can I do so this won't happen? My movie is currently 50 minutes long. I am using Super8 digitized video, kodacolor photos, scrolling text in titles. PS, I posted this earlier, but it came up on iPhoto. I'm trying again for iMovie.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I don't know. Try letting your project alone for a few minutes to make sure everything is loaded, then quit iMovie and wait another few minutes....

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    1) Always click the DONE button when you finish editing a title. If you are already doing this, read on.


    2) At 50 minutes, your project may be too long for iMovie. I would try splitting it into two parts. You can do this by selecting the project in the Project Library List and clicking FILE/DUPLICATE PROJECT. Do this twice, and name the first one "your project name part 1" and name the second one "your project name part 2".

    Open Part 1 for editing and delete everything in the second half. Open Part 2 for editing and delete everything in the first half.