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my ipone have a program problem.it dont turn.charging is going good.what to do?  how to recod new programm.and it dont open in itunes?


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  • amy_lou Level 4 Level 4

    So if it doesn't turn on, and it's not charging, you would need to test with different cables, different outlets in your house. If it's not powered on, then it will definitely not show up in itunes either. If the issue persists after you've isolated the problem to the device itself, it will need to be replaced

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    chequea tu cable, que sirva otra cosa limlia los dientitos del tel.. con mucho cuidado abeses tiene como pelusa si no te sirve nada de eso llebalo a la tienda apple no hay pedo, no te cobran. te dicen si tiene algo malo y si quieres pagar por arreglarlo. si es que no tenga garantia