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Hello All,


Just recently got Mainstage2, as well as a KORG MicroKEY & NanoPAD2.


In the Layout tab, I have each controller displayed virtually, and all the pads on the NanoPAD are learned. However, they always play the same instrument no matter what I do. I can't split them up.


So I'm just trying to set up a software instrument (a drum kit) to my NanoPAD as well as have the Keyboard playing an entirely different instrument at the same time. However, when I create a new channel strip for the second instrument, I only have the option to select the MicroKEY or "None", even though both are plugged in and working as well as learned. My NanoPAD isn't recognized in this list whereas it is in the layout mode when I select the virtual pads. I have the pads running on Channel 11 and the Keyboard on 1.


I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong because it's being recognized in one mode but not the other?


I really can't figure it out after reading every thread I could, anyone know what could be the issue?



Logic Studio, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Mainstage2 KORG MicroKEY & NanoPAD2