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I am trying to add an email address to Mail [on MountainLion] and I have set it up fine so far but neither the IMAP connection nor SMTP is working = I called and talked to my ISP and she said turn off SSL so I did that in Advanced area but still couldn't connect - so I went to the Outgoing Server set up Advanced tab and unchecked SSL -- and it checked itself again = I unchecked it again and it again checked itself = I can't get the SSL to be unchecked...any ideas???

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    In the advanced settings for outgoing server try specifying a port number of 25, and then see if you can uncheck SSL.


    I came across this same problem myself today, and suspect it is a bug in the mail app.


    If you are unable to send mail on port 25 try port 587 instead, some isp's require this for e-mail clients.


    Hope this helps