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This article does not have instructions for the current version of iTunes, which I am really hating right now, as there are hardly any options anymore anywhere pertaining to things such as management. I would like to know how I can uncheck my apps from the syncing process so that iTunes only syncs my music, etc. to my iPad. I have a 16GB iPad 2, which is almost full, and as I would like to conserve space, I have selected a large number of my apps and put them only on my 4th gen iPod touch. So basically my iPad and iPod have 2 separate libraries. However, they are set up to the same iTunes account and computer (PC). In the past, before Apple decided to butcher iTunes, I have been able to select that Apps not be synced for this reason, as I have both devices' drives well-managed. Now I can no longer find an option to NOT sync the apps, and as a result, when I tried to sync my iPad, it overloaded with apps that I have deleted from the iPad, which I only want on my Touch and computer, and I had to go through and delete them all again from the iPad. It also tried to update some apps, but after I saw that it was putting all of my deleted apps back onto the iPad, I immediately pulled the USB plug from my computer, and as a result, the half-updated apps are now unusable. I dare not plug the iPad back in for those updates to finish, as it will try again to resync all of the apps that I deleted from my iPad. Please someone help me solve this problem. Thanks.

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    You can still specify Apps which you do not want on your iPad in iTunes 11.


    If you select from the View menu, Show Sidebar, the appearance is much like what you saw before.


    If you select your iPad from the Sidebar Devices and press the Apps tab then:


    There is a button by each installed App which says Remove. If you click that it will change to Will Remove and that App will be removed at the next sync.


    For each App which has is not currently on your iPad the button will say Install. Click that and it will change the button to Will Install and that App will be installed at the next sync.

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    Thank you so much. The fact that your icon is a TARDIS makes you even cooler. You are awesome.

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    Wait a second. So I tried that but all the ones that I deleted from my iPad already had the option to Install instead of Remove. I thought if I didn't click Install, they would not install. However, they all tried to install even with that setting the way it was. Was I supposed to click Install for each one I DIDN'T want? If so, that's really counter-intuitive.