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I wanted to change my username because when I login to remote sites, the default username is the short username on the local machine. I went through the steps recommended on the apple website, namely,

as superuser move the old user to the new username, then logout, log back in. I had to go through the new mac user startup process. When I was done my short user name was still the old short username and the name of my home folder is still the old username. All my files are in the folder under the new username, but the the Documents icon still points toward the old username directory with now, almost nothing in it. So the system thinks that my old username is still the username. Moreover, then logging into remote sites, the default username is still the old username.


How do I make the new username the actual username??





MacBook Pro

OSX 10.8.2

Solved by baltwo on Jan 16, 2013 5:30 PM Solved