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I did not know that by default the film download is in 720p format.

Now I tried to download it again in 1080p and warned me that it will charge my credit card.

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    For most movies you can download them again at no cost. In iTunes (logged in to the account you used to make the purchase), go the iTunes Store.  Under "Quick Links" on the right sidebar, click "Purchased". Choose "Movies" from the choices at the top. Make sure the movie you want to download again is listed here. If it is, go to Movies (from the sidebar or dropdown in iTunes) and delete the copy you have, then go back to the iTunes Store and click "Download"

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    I bought the movie a year ago to $ 12.99, perhaps at that time was not available HD version.

    Now I find it on iTunes for $ 9.99 in SD and at $ 17.99 in HD.