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I just installed Outlook 2013 today. Initally it was showing contacts calendars from my iCloud. Then i got a message that I could not have two outlooks on the computer and I needed to remove one of them. I did take off outlook 2007. Now the control panel does not give me an option to sync with outlook at all. It just tells me that mail contacts calendars reminders and notes are avilable at icloud.com.


I hope to be able to get control panel and outlook to talk nicely again soon.


any help would be greatly appreciated.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    I have a similar issue. I installed Office 2013 yesterday. iCloud I thought was working - I could see the Add-On in Outlook and my contacts were showing correctly under people but it showed in the iCloud control panel that my email for icloud was not connected. I tried removing my iCloud account from Outlook with the intent to reconnect it via the iCloud Control Panel. Bad idea apparently--anytime I try loading the iCloud Control Panel it crashes office. I have reintalled the control panel, tried the office repair, tried enabling / disabling the add-ons, tired a seperate test Outlook profile--nothing works- I am no longer able to integrate the icloud features into Outlook.


    I am using Win 7 x64 SP1 with Office 2013 x32. iCloud Control Panel




    Update: I tried rolling back to a restore point from yesterday to at least get my contacts functioning again. No Luck- the accounts are there again but they are not connected and can't be opened. iCloud Control Panel still crashes Office/Outlook as seen above anytime I try to open it

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    Well I ended up having to blow my windows profile away and rebuild it- I was able to get icloud sort of working in 2013 again but the iCLoud control panel still crashes on start and says it isnt connected... but at least I can access my contacts from Outlook again.

    Hopefully 2013 will be officially supported in the near future

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    I have a simular problem. I run windows 8 and have installed office 2013.

    By making use of the icloud pannel the mail is implemented but agenda en contacts are missing.

    Each time that i go to the icloud pannel it says that is not integrated in outlook. When i select it it looks ok from the pannel but going in outlook no contacts or agenda items are shown.

    What is here wrong?

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    I have the EXACT same problem.  I called microsoft today- They tried to uninstall and re-install MS Office and icloud and still no fix.  So frustrating.  I then called apple and a senior tech support staff says it is definatly an office issue.  I tried uninstalling the icloud from outlook- and NOW I can't open the control panel without getting the exact same error that you show.


    I'm going to call Microsoft again tomorrow...

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    In the mean time the problem is solved. I have uninstalled office and icloud.

    After that i have installed office again and created a account in outlook (was my previous account before icloud)

    Then I installed again icloud and activated the sync of mail,agenda en contacts and it was working.


    I believe that the sequence of installing and activating is here crucial.