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Plugged my phone into my laptop to get the newest update and the next thing I know it's telling me there was an error and I need to restore my phone. So I did and everything was fine until I noticed under 'device name' it said Joe (which is my Dad's iPhone). So I didn't get any of my pictures, contacts etc. (or any of my Dad's either) And I don't know how to get it all back. And all of the information had been backed up onto the same laptop in late November when I got the phone. Help please!

iPhone 5
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    Hi Buckskin,


    Hopefully you were able to get your information back already.  But if not, do you know that you have made a backup of your device on your computer with iTunes or with iCloud?


    You can check in iTunes to see if you have a backup by on a Mac going to iTunes>Preferences>Devices or on a PC go to Edit>Preferences>Devices.


    Once here if you have a backup of your iPhone you will see your iPhone and time and date.

    If there is one here you can just do a restore from backup which will be on the "Summary" page of your iPhone while it is plugged into the computer.


    If you have been using iCloud as a backup, you will have to first go to Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings.


    Then when it starts up it will ask you to restore from iCloud by signing in.  I hope that helps.