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Have seen several threads regarding various PDF problems in various Safari and OSX versions, but can't find an answer for this:  In previous versions of Safari, when I clicked on a link to a PDF document, the PDF opened in either Preview or Adobe Reader, and I had control over which.  Whichever it opened in, I could safe it as a file and reopen later to my heart's content.  But now, every PDF opens in another Tab in Safari itself.  I can't find any Preference setting in Safari to override this.  And although the browser tab screen "looks like" a PDF, it's really not.  If you "save as" a file, opening the file just yields an error message.  And the scrolling is terrible.  A swipe on the touchpad sends the view scrolling out of control.  Scrolling in small amounts is impossible.  It's like multiple mouse clicks taking forever to "catch up" on an old Windows garbage heap.  Trying to get one of these "pseudo PDF" web pages turned into a real PDF is a nighmare -- multiple steps with an "Adobe reader toolbar" in the browser, emailing the document to myself as a PDF, etc., ridiculous.  I do also have the latest version of Adobe Reader, but that seems irrelevant.  So to wiser members of the community, Help!!

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3), 8GB Ram, 256 GB SSD, 512 MB NVIDIA
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    Hi, joining this thread as I have a similar problem.


    I'm using Safari 5.1.7 and Adobe Reader XI v 11.0.1 on my office's HP Pavilion dm1 notebook using Windows 7 Pro SP1.


    To get Safari to open at all, I have to run it in compatibiltiy mode with Windows XP SP3.  When I click on a pdf on a website, it doesn't open in the browser window.


    I can open pdf's in Firefox or Chrome, but I prefer to use Safari as it's what I use on my personal MacBook Pro.


    Neither Adobe nor HP have repsonded to questions.  I hope posting on this forum will be more fruitful.



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    Does this happen on all sites, or only some? What about this one:


    Apple - Support - Manuals

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    Yes it does happen on this site and all others. 

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    Back up all data.


    Triple-click the line of text below to select it, the copy the selected text to the Clipboard (command-C):


    /Library/Internet Plug-ins


    In the Finder, select


    Go Go to Folder


    from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-G. Paste (command-V) into the text box that opens, then press return.


    From the folder that opens, remove any items that have the letters “PDF” in the name. You may be prompted for your login password. Then quit and relaunch Safari, and test.


    I've seen an unconfirmed report that the "Silverlight" web plugin distributed by Microsoft can also interfere with PDF display in Safari, so you might need to remove it as well, if applicable.


    If you still have the issue, repeat with this line:


    ~/Library/Internet Plug-ins


    If you don’t like the results of this procedure, restore the items from the backup you made before you started. Relaunch Safari again.

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    Hello.  After wasting fifteen minutes tyring to log in as myself to my own thread, I am having to log in on another username.  Usernames, user id's passwords, this supprt forum's security is like Fort Knox.


    Anyway, thanks for your post but you misread my question - I can't get pdf's in Safari on my office HP laptop, so I need an answer for PC/Windows, not a Mac.  I can get pdf's in Safari on my personal MacBook Pro at home just fine.


    Hope you can help me.

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    I'm sorry, but I know nothing about Safari for Windows, apart from the fact that it's discontinued, outdated, and perhaps unsafe to use. Unless you have compelling need to keep using it, I suggest you get rid of it and use a Windows browser that's still supported.

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    I've got the same annoying problem with Safari opening PDFs as a new Safari window. Seems to have started recently, so I'm assuming Safari 6.0.2 update changed something.


    Did find a temporary solution;


    When the PDF opens in the Safari window, right click (secondary click) on window, and select "Open with Preview.app".


    So far have not found any selection to make Preview the default.


    As far as I'm concerned, using Adobe is not a valid substitute for Preview working correctly.

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    No use, I'm afraid, though I'm not sure whether you think I using a Mac or a PC.  Per my original post, I am using an HP laptop PC.


    Pdf's don't load or open at all so there's no opportunity to 'right click' on anything.  The desination url appears in the address bar but the main window is completely empty.  If I cut and paste the url from Safari into Chrome or Firefox, the pdf displays, but I don't want to have to cut and paste from my browser of choice each time I call up a pdf.


    So some six weekson from my original post, I'm mystified as to how difficult it seems to be simply to display a pdf in my Safari browser


    If this is a result of an ongoing detente between Apple and Adobe, then I resent being collateral damage and believe I deserve betterm particularly from Apple in whose products I am significantly invested.


    Indded, they should also be pleased that I persist in seeking to make Safari my browser of choice on my work PC because I also use Macs at home.


    Does anybody from Apple read these forums, or is it just Mac forum trolls?

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    Explored opening PDFs on Safari on Win 7 (I have Home Premium)

    Have same versions of Safari and Adobe Reader on my computer as yours.  Do not have to run Safari in XP compatibility mode, so that is suspicious.



    Verified Windows and Safari are set up to use Adobe PDF reader;


    Safari/Preferences/Advanced/Proxies(Change Settings)/Programs Tab/Set Programs/'Associate a file type or Protocol with a specific program' - .pdf showed Adobe Reader as associated program.


    PDFs from web showed up on Adobe in the Safari window,  but could not be saved on my machine as a PDF.


    Downloaded Foxit PDF reader recommended by Steve Gibson of GRC.com (Adobe Reader is regularly targeted by hackers). Uninstalled Adobe Reader. Same result within browser. Unchecked "open PDFs within browser" option in Foxit preferences. Now web based PDFs open in separate Foxit window, and can be saved as PDF.


    Based on your experience, I think something unique is wrong on your system. Could be faulty installation of Safari, Adobe Reader, or even Windows, or a virus. Suggest you try the following; 

    Uninstall Safari and Adobe.

    Download and install Safari (be sure you get it from support.apple.com).

    Download and install PDF reader of your choice (be sure you download only from creators web page ie. Adobe.com or foxitsoftware.com).


    Verify Windows and Safari are set up to use the PDF reader;

    Safari/Preferences/Advanced/Proxies(Change Settings)/Programs Tab/Set Programs/Associate a file type or Protocol with a specific program -.pdf should show reader you chose.


    If it still doesn't work, and you really want to use Safari, try repairing Windows if you have the installation disk.


    Last ditch step would be back everything up, and reinstall Windows.

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    Finally got some uninterrupted time to follow your kind instructions.




    At last, a reply I could understand and which worked.


    Thank you so much....

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    Glad it worked. Just curious as to which suggestion fixed it?

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    Sure - it was removing Adobe Reader X1 and Safari and reinstalling.


    Adobe Reader was easy, but it took a bit of searching to find the latest version of Safari for PC on the Apple suuport site.


    Anyway, it worked and still works this morning, so many thanks again.