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So, I have come to you today having gone through about every option and route to fix this issue I am having.  I will give you a brief timeline for reference:


Spring 2010 -- Installed Bootcamp and Installed Windows 7 Home Premium

Summer 2012 -- Windows 7 partition was dwindling, so decided to repartition it using Minitool's Partition Wizard, which, at least I thought, worked with no issues.


Current -- Yet again, wanting to add more to my Windows 7 partition, and this is where the source of my question comes from.


     So, on my Computer view in Windows 7,  it shows everything correctly, the Mac partition, etc.  However, when I use the Bootcamp utility, it only shows Windows as a possible disk to boot to, additionally, when I use the shortcut menu's "Restart In Mac OS X," it reboots into Windows again.  When I hold the option button upon startup, it only shows Windows.  Decided I needed to do a re-install, but problem was, when I held down Command + R, I do not get the Apple Recovery Options, what I get is a brief black screen, followed by Windows trying to boot up, which it doesn't and freezes.  Then upon turning it off and on, I get the option to repair Windows or continue to Windows start-up.


    Basically what I am saying is that I'm stuck in my Windows partition.  I contacted Minitool, and they said that I needed to backup my OS X partition and then reinstall it, I backed it up, but I don't know how to reinstall the OS X, if I have no way of even accessing anything on that side of the partition and I am really getting frustrated with finding out how to fix this.  At this point, I am not even sure what OS X I was running, I know it came with Snow Leopard but I don't remember if I updated it since it has been awhile since the last time I used it (Obviously, ha).  Would purchasing the Boot Disk again work given that I will be running Windows?  I am just asking for some advice/help on this issue, I am willing to consider all suggestions maybe outside of buying a new Mac.  Currently, I am about to install Bootcamp 3.3 and then see if that has any affect on the matter after the restart.  Thanks to all in advance!

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    Err - just replace the internal drive? It seems as if somethings just not right. Only way I know how to begin all over again is to either use the original installation disc that came with your system and completely reformat the drive, losing everything, and install the OS that came with your machine, or buy a new drive and a USB enclosure for your old drive and install the new one with your installation disk to format and install the OS.


    You could put the old drive in the enclosure and try to rescue as much data as you can.


    Only two options that I can come up with...



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    For more clarification, here are some screen shots that I took of the computer view from Windows.  (Note:  Still doesn't give me any options when holding option and/or cmd + R on startup)


    Boot Camp Panel.PNG

    Computer Screenshot.PNG


    When I use a data recovery tool, it doesn't locate a MBR for the OS X partition, implying that it somehow got deleted/lost or corrupted, if that is of any help.