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I'm trying to log into Game Center on my iPhone.


I recently restored it to a new phone (due to a problem that the genius bar couldn't fix) and am in the process of resigning in to everything.


As I sign in to Game Center with my Apple ID, it recognizes me, but then asks me to create a NEW NICKNAME.  When I type in the nickname I've used forever, it tells me it is taken, and urges me to create a new one.  Same thing actually happened on this forum.  Neither found the nickname associated with my Apple ID, LLJessr.  (Hence my derby name being used, Skeev Jobs.)


What the heck am I doing wrong.  Why can't it just know who I am when I sign in with my existing Apple ID, and associate it w/ the correlating Nickname that I've been using for literally years?!?!  I'm a former Apple Creative, so I'm not an iOS dunce...


*pulls hair out*

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.2
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    You know...  I sucked it up and made a new nickname, but it still found my games associated w/ the actual ID itself, regardless of what the nickname was/is.


    SO, if you're reading this and in the same situation, just try punching in a new nickname?

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    I also sucked it up, created a new nickname and continued paying with a new set of GC friends.  One day, the old nickname was back-great!  Now, months later, when I log in I get the new nickname but no friends old or new.  When I try to use my old nickname it tells me that is taken.  I can tell my friends see me because they help & visit, but I can't see them....help