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My MacBook Pro shows "Service Battery" in the menu bar.  The battery has had about 850 charge cycles, so even though it still holds a charge for a few hours, I think I should replace it.


I first looked at replacing the battery with one from ifixit at http://tinyurl.com/arjerqo.  Unfortunatley they are out of stock, and I don't know when they expect a new shipment.


So I went to the Apple store, and now I am really frustrated.  Apple won't sell me a new battery off the shelf.  The only way I can get a new battery from Apple, is by bringing in my computer, and they will swap out the battery, i.e. they keep the battery that I now have, which is still perfectly good.  When I asked them why, I was told that replacing the battery is a "dangerous" operation.  Nonsense, nothing could be further from the truth.  I have been inside computers since the 70s, swapping a battery is very easy.  And when I asked why they want to keep my perfectly good battery, they could not give me a good reason. 


So my question is, ... does anybody know a reputable place where I can get a good replacement battery for my MBP.  I am not looking for the cheapest battery, I am looking for a good battery, as good as the ones from ifixit.


Thanks in advance.

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