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i just went thru setup for my new mac pro....i chose an alias as my user name, chose a password and had to verify it as well. . .then up came the logon screen and not only did my password not work, but the user name was not what i chose --  my actual name came up. i am totally frustrated and ****** off. any suggestions?

MacBook Pro, iOS 6, not sure if it is the right ios #..
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    Firstly your MacBook Pro does not run iOS. IOS is for iPhone, iPod and iPad. You are running Mountain Lion 10.8.x but if when you are in the Finder click on the Apple in the menu and select  This Mac. It would be helpful if you filled this out:



    No use being ***** off it does not get you where you want to go. Power down the MBP by holding down the power button. Then power back up while holding down the command-r keys into the ML recovery disk and reset your password from there.

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    It's normal for your long user name to be shown in the login screen.


    First, make sure caps lock is not on.

    If the user account is associated with an Apple ID, and you know the Apple ID password, then maybe the Apple ID can be used to reset your user account password.

    Otherwise, boot into Recovery by holding down the key combination command-R at startup. Release the keys when you see a gray screen with a spinning dial.

    When the OS X Utilities screen appears, select

    Utilities Terminal

    from the menu bar.

    In the Terminal window, type this:


    That's one word with no spaces. Then press return. A Reset Password window opens.

    Select your boot volume if not already selected.

    Select your username from the menu labeled Select the user account if not already selected.

    Follow the prompts to reset the password. It's safest to choose a password that includes only the characters a-z, A-Z, and 0-9.



    from the menu bar.

    You should now be able to log in with the new password, but your Keychain will be reset (empty.) If you've forgotten the Keychain password (which is ordinarily the same as your login password), there's no way to recover it.