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Hi there,


I am trying to embed a QuickTime controller in a C# WinForm application. I am using the following software:


Windows 7 (64bit)

Visual Studios 2010 (.NET 4.0)

QuickTIme 7.7.3


I can add the QuickTime control to the toolbox in VS but when I try to drag it to the form I get the following error:


"Failed to import ActiveX control. Please ensure it is properly registered."


VS is trying to reference AxQTOControl.dll but when I look in the QT install file in "Program FIles" there is only QTOControl.dll and QTOLibrary.dll.


Please advice how I can go about fixing this error.


Many thanks,



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    Hi MJ;


    I'm having the same issue it has something to do with .NET 4.0 in VS2010 if I target .NET 3.5 it works fine. There is a KB about this issue at microsoft and supposedly a hotfix. I still looking for how to fix the issue, if you come up with something let me know in this forum or in StackOverflow - I left you a message there also.