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I bought an iPhone 5 for about 1 month that every website I check for unlocked status, it says that "iPhone Unlocked" but the problem is that it indicates "this iPhone was bought from the AT&T Carrier" and its from "Puerto Rico". And it is also compatible with other Sim Cards beside my own carier.

Is there any chance of possibilities that I might face an error or problem in the next few months that cause to getting locked again !

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
  • Michael Black Level 6 Level 6 (18,720 points)

    Unless it was purchased from Apple as unlocked, then it was likely hacked, not officially unlocked.  When you try to update the iOS it will then just re-lock right back to the original carrier it was sold as locked to.


    I also would not trust any online site to tell you it is unlocked - to my knowledge, there is no such truly reliable web site, as the only ones with databases of officially unlocked phones are Apple, and they do not make that data publicly searchable.

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    It is not Hacked or jailbroken, the problem is about being locked or unlocked !

    it is on iOS 6.0.2 and certainly there is no jailbreak for it yet i think I wont look for it, I buy applications originaly !

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    If it was purchased directly from Apple (or an official Apple authorized agent) as unlocked, then it will always be unlocked.


    It will only re-lock to the original carrier if it was in some way hacked or unofficially unlocked.


    If it was purchased form AT&T in Puerto Rico, then it is locked to AT&T, and only AT&T can/could unlock it.  So if you bought it from AT&T and you did not request an unlock from AT&T, then no, it is not officially unlocked.


    Simply question - where, exactly did you buy it?  Was it from AT&T in Puerto Rico?  Was it from the Apple Store?

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    If the iPhone was originally purchased in PR, the warranty will only be valid in PR.