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Yesterday, I installed McAffee software which came with my new broadband subscription. I found that it made everything slow, and I hated all the icons and toolbars it seemed to deploy everywhere.


So I've uninstalled it and removed the extensions it put onto my safari browser. But there is still a very annoying problem:


EVERY time I open Safari, it goes to the Apple.com homepage, and the toolbar has been modified so that it no longer contains the buttons I want on it, and it does contain buttons I don't want on it.


This problem persists: I have opened Safari preferences about 20 times now, changed the setting so that it opens with my top sites, changed my homepage to what I want (not apple.com), and changed my toolbar back to how I want it. Close Safari and open it again.... back to apple.com, and the wrong toolbar.


Please help me resolve this! I am using Safari 6.0.2 on OSX 10.8.2.


Thanks in advance,


MacBook Pro 15in 2.4GHz Intel, Mac OS X (10.4.11)