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Dear community members, please, help me if you know what to do with iMessage problem I'm facing!


In short - iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2. Free sim purchased in France, in usage in Moscow, Russia (Megafon carrier)


My problem is that iPhone doesn't check online whether message addressee has iMessage-receiving device or not. When I start new conversation all messages are always sent as SMS even when I'm 100% sure opponent is online and can receive iMessage. In reply to my message I receive iMessage and then the whole conversation goes fine though iMessage in both directions.

But after I delete conversation and start new one with the same interlocutor, everything starts again - my phone "doesn't remember" that it can send iMessage and forwards SMS first.

The problem occurs with every iOS device owner (I've checked with at least 7 different iPhones) and doesn't depend on type of connection - cellular of wifi.

Any switching off and on iMessage doesn't help. I know that all settings are absolutely corrent, I'm an experienced iPhone user and such problem has never occured in previous devices.

Besides, I requested carrier and they declared no barriers set for limitation of iMessage usage. As the proof lot's of friends don't face any problems using the same iPhone 5 and carrier.


Please, help me if you have any solutions!



iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2