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hello together,


I have some issues with Server.app.


I connect to a server in our local network.


In the Users tab I see only local users of the server, not the network accounts


When I choose "Manage Network Accounts" from the "Manage" Menu, it tells me to configure the server as a network directory, but it is already configured as such.


When I hit "next" and enter account information for the directory admin it tells me that this server is already configured to manage network accounts.


How can I view and mange the network accounts again?


Thanks in advance


OS X Server
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    Were you able to solve this? I'm having the same troubles after migration from 10.5.8 using an OD archive...

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    Same here, Server was fine, but then out of the blue the Account pane only contained "Adminstrator" and "fmserver User", and the Group pane is now blank. It seems if you reconnect with ⌘N, all Network users briefly appear only to disappear again. Strange thing is that it still works (my Network user can still open their session on their respective machines, I just can't create any new user through Server, I have to do it the "hard" way.

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    Just fyi, I was not able to resolve this on my migrated server. Every time when I imported the OD backup from 10.5.8 Server.app couldn't load the user or group list and issues an error message with "error 5000" or something. Check if you have that in your logs, too. If so, Server.app is no longer able to authenticate against the OD. There are several threads regarding this 5000-error, none of them worked for me. Usually this happens when the hostname, IP or something in the OD setup changes and the agreed keys no longer work for authentication. As mentioned, I never managed to get that to work again and had to use a fresh OD and create the users from a list (without pwd). Not very charming.

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    No, I wasn´t.

    I use workgroup manager to manage network users.

    But I still am kind of disapointed.

    This is unprofessional.