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I am (re)installing Mac OS X 10.7.5 Lion Server on my workplace Mac Mini Server (2011 model).  The articles all seem to be broken up and scattered, it is very difficult to find a straightforward workflow from start to finish.  I have run internet recovery (opt+cmd+R) and am at the user creation screen, and have entered the desired username and password.  It is asking about whether to allow remote administration at the bottom of that window, and I need to be clear on whether that should be checked or not, or if checking it might interfere with the proper operation of the AST diagnostic gateway.  I need all the steps in one place, I should not have to click a hundred links to get the full install procedure. The articles that I have found seem to indicate I must install Lion server tools after installing Lion, BUT on the Mac Mini Server, the installer knows it is a server from the get-go and has different up-front setup options than the articles describe.


Perhaps I have not found the correct article yet, and what I need IS out there, and if so, could somebody point me to the correct page?  Keep in mind this is a Apple-certified-technician-only article that I am looking for, with the proper login credentials required to view the page.

Mac mini, OS X Server, Diagnostic Gateway for running AST