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Sounds easy, but it ain’t. At least for Adobe "Bridge" which I like using between inDesign and Photoshop and hate using between my studio and the client. My business relies on the structuring, sorting and commenting of thousands of pictures, between me and my client. The exchange of data via web or CD has to be without loss when it comes to added data. A. stars (1 to 5)   B. high-light colours for files      C. written capitions for a file.


With Bridge, when I toast a file on my iMac and open it again from the cd, all that is transfered is the star "treatment". Colours and captions are gone. But the killer for Bridge is it’s price. Bridge comes only in a Creative Suite which goes for upwards of 600 $tonkers, a commitment I cannot ask my clients to take.


• So here is my Q: Does Aperture store this data on both Mac and PC, is the exchange possible between different desktops.

•• Secong Q: can I use Aperture just like I am using Bridge. i.e. as a Bidge between inDesign (where I can open any pic per shortcut in Bridge) and Photoshop?

•••Third Q: If Is there an Aperture Light which might be completly sufficient for my customer to do the commenting and ranking.



Hope all is well for me, cheers and thnx – Goso

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    No.  Aperture runs on OS X only.  You can export to various formats, but then you and your client will be using other software, which seems to be outside the use you are asking about.  Furthermore, Aperture is a single-user application.


    No.  Aperture is a self-contained image database.  You can round-trip images to external editors, but doing so creates new files.  This is useful when Aperture is your primary image repository.  It does apply to your situation.  Aperture should be thought of a photographers tool for managing a photo workflow from camera to published photograph.  It is not a graphics platform for creating or storing graphics files.


    No, there is not.


    Good luck.