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I have created a folders under iCloud ~/Library/Mobile Documents called My iCloud Documents and it works like a charm to sync non-icloud app docs between my iMac & MBP.  What I did was creat this folder on both computers and add it to my Favorites in the left column of my finder window, on both computers.  Now I can simply save to it or drag & drop docs/files to have access on both. 


Note: you should add Mobile Documents folder to your side bar for easy access by creating an alias of Mobile Documents folder and draging it over to the sidebar.  Once you have done this you can delete the alias from the ~/Library folder


I would like my MBP to mirror my iMac with my Mail.app, specificly all my non-icloud mail boxes and folders and also the preferences...


On My iMac:

1) duplicate the files/folders so I have a backup on the iMac

2) create aliases of the original files/folders and leave in place

3) move the copied files/folders to my newly created ~/LibraryMobile Documents/My iCloud Documents/Synced Mail Stuff



4) rename the files/folders so I dont overwrite them on the MBP

5) create aliases of the files/folders that are now syncing on the MBP in the  ~/LibraryMobile Documents/My iCloud Documents/Synced Mail Stuff

6) create the aliases and move them to the appropriate location on the MBP


This is where I am stuck, if there is anything in the files or folders on the MBP that I need... how would I then be able to access it for syincing?


I guess I can export and then import once I complete my syncing...


Any help would be great on this matters!



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)