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To all



im sure someone already told me but if i buy a new drive, an SSD one, i put it in, and put my old drive into an enclose i can do a direct transfer of the drive from old to new.


Is there anything i need to watch out for?? can i do as:


take out old drive

put in new drive

put old drive in an enclosure

do a transfer


one question. i think the transfer process sits on OSX so would the fact that OSX is on the old drive enable me to boot up the MBP with the new drive in and carry out this transfer?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    i now know there is a Utility called Migration Assistant. Can anyone tell me more. Ive read:




    but it doesn't tell me if i can migrate OS and files and settings or just files. im looking to replicate my MBP onto a new SSD then put the SSD into the MBP. Can anyone tell me if the migration Assistant can do this?


    also, you use MA on a laptop i guess i would connect up the new hard drive BEFORE swapping over the drives? otherwise the new drive wouldn't boot up the laptop if the drive had nothing on it, would it?

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    Do a clone of your old drive & then clone toat to your new ssd


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    You can use the method that Marko Mc mentioned or you can use backuplist+ and make a bootable copy of your harddrive (App found here)


    First leave the oringinal harddrive in your Mac and then connect the SSD and launch the app and then configure the parameters and wa la you now have a back up of your whole machine, but also make sure you make it bootable (screen shot found below)



    Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 8.38.50 AM.png

    Then pop in the SSD, you shouldnt have any issues, but worst case scenario contact the manufacturer of the SSD

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    with CCC, if i simply copy all from old drive to new drive will that then enable me to put new drive in my machine and it will start up and act as the old one?


    no special boot stuff i need to do?

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    Here's what you need to do, step-by-step:


    1. Buy SSD and a cheap (this one - I have three of them) enclosure and be certain that you've downloaded Carbon Copy Cloner;
    2. put SSD in hard drive bay and old drive into USB enclosure;
    3. boot from USB drive;
    4. use Disk Utility from HD to format SSD ("Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" with a single GUID partiton);
    5. use CCC to clone your old drive to the newly formatted SSD - be certain to select the include Recovery partition option;
    6. once the clone is complete, disconnect the USB drive and hold down the option key whilst booting and select the SSD;
    7. once you're booted into your new SSD, be certain to go to System Preferences>Startup Drive and select the SSD as your Startup Drive.


    That's it - it's a simple process. If I were you, I would keep the old drive in the enclosure and continue to use it as a clone drive for your SSD. Yes, you'll end up having to pay for CCC after 30-days but it's well worth it to have at least one clone backup (I have three of my internal - but I'm a backup freak).


    Good luck,



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    thank you all.


    did a combination of ideas. Connected the new SSD via the data cable and cloned across to it, then booted from it and tested the computer running on the new drive.


    works like a charm.


    just need to put new SSD in permanently now amd and were away