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Tried transferring my purchased iTunes music, vids, books, etc from my phone to a new MBP. Followed (or thought I did) the procedure outlined in this communities support page: connect iPhone right click iPhone transfer purchase (file>devices>transfer purchase). The art work seems to have ported over, I see a covert flow but when I go to play a song I get messages saying "Can't play...Original file not located. . . "

I thought I'd be able to transfer the actual files this way, am I missing a step?

Coping the entire iTunes Library from my old MAC via WiFI will take a few hours. Is there a better option?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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Thanks for the imput, I'll give this a try

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If you connect the machines via ethernet network cable estimates put it at three times quicker than wifi. Switch off wifi on one of them to force usage of the ethernet.


This is by far the best way of being sure you get all the content


this is the apple support document and you are just moving the iTunes Media folder from one location to another



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