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As I understand it, in order to attach a "Folder Action" to a given folder, one has to create an AppleScript for the action that they want to perform. In Tiger, Automator will only let you create an application or a workflow. But in MountainLion, one can create a "FolderAction" right from Automator. I realize this is one of MANY OS differences, but what I'm wondering is if someone could help me create an AppleScript in Tiger that mimics a working FolderAction I created in MountainLion? You do you say AppleScripter's, you up to it?


Here's my proven MountainLion Automator FolderAction:

     Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 2.05.32 PM.png


     In case that's a little hard to see, that's a total of 3 actions perfomed on a given folder. First, the finder item is opened in Preview. Second, the finder item is      printed. And lastly, the Preview app is quit.



It's a long story, but I'm essentially just needing to open a file in Preview when it's added to a given folder so that I can use Preview's print settings to get the pdf to print out as desired. Again, I'm needing an equivalent AppleScript version in Tiger so that the AppleScript can be used as the FolderAction.


Thanks for your time...

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Try using the same actions, found in the Finder library in Tiger's version of Automator.


    When you're ready to save your workflow, go to File > Save As Plug-in... From the drop-down sheet name your Plug-in, click the Plug-in for pop up button and select Folder Actions. Navigate to the target folder and click Save.


    Good luck.

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    Thanks Andrew!


    That's working, unfortunately the Automator steps in Tiger are quite a bit more restrictive than they are in MountainLion, so the exact FolderAction I created in ML won't carry over to Tiger. But, I can get somewhere close. I really appreciate the help.


    - John