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I have a few thoousand duplicates which I have marked with the keyword "dupicate". Now I want to delete them based on that. How do I do it ?


Also, I sell on Ebay and take pictures of the items. What's the best way to get the pictures into the sales description rather than exporting to the desktop, or dragging to the desktop, and then dragging to the ebay app ?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)


    Select the container "Flagged" from the Library tab of the Inspector

    Select all Images.

    Remove the flags.  (Flagging is a very useful _ad hoc_ way to group Images.  It should not be used otherwise.)

    Select the "Photos" container -- it's near the top of the Library tab of the Inspector.

    Filter for Keyword "dupicate" (sic).

    Select all Images.

    Flag them.

    Select the container "Flagged" from the Library tab of the Inspector.

    Select all Images

    Send them to the Aperture Trash

    Select the Aperture Trash

    Right-click and empty the Aperture Trash

    Empty your system Trash.


    Why use flags?

    It's not needed here -- but it's an excellent practice to make habitual.  Smart Albums, and, to a lesser extent, filters, are "live".  Any time you are changing the status of many Images, it is better to use a temporary but static grouping.  Flags are perfect.



    Create Previews for the containers you use in the image size you need.  Drag directly to the Ebay app?

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    Thanks Kirby,


    The only issue is that I'm not THAT familiar with Aperture. I'm stuck at how to filter for a keyword.

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    With  the Photos icon selected in the Library tab of the Inspector (so that all your images are displayed)


    Select the smart search icon

    Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 22.17.09 .png


    Nexi in the HUD that opens select Add Filter then Keywords

    Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 22.15.52 .png


    Select the Keywords checkbox and find and select the keywprd(s) you want to filter for.

    Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 22.16.09 .png

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    The User Manual is really quite good -- it is always my first resource.

    About the Filter HUD


    When viewing the Browser, click the button with the dark magnifying glass just left of the search field in the top border at the right hand side of the Browser pane.


    • Click "Add rule".
    • Select "Keywords"
    • Check the box in the Keywords rule
    • Select "Include any of the following"
    • While holding "{Option}", check the box next to the keyword you want to use as a filter. (Holding the modifier key makes sure that the checked keyword is the only keyword selected.)
    • Click the black"x" in the white circle at the top left of the Filter HUD to close the HUD.  Your filter is still active.
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    Thanks, that seems to have worked.


    Still two questions to go


    2) How to create previews for other programs without dragging to desktop then dropping in program


    3) I have pictures now that look like hash/static in brower-multiple mode but show fine in single mode. How do I fix this ?