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USB connected external Hard disk not recognize.

MacBook Pro, iOS 6.0.2
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    Did it ever work with FCP? Is it Mac formatted?

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    I discover a bug in 10.0.7, when you want to use your external hard disk, if you have some photo folders in root directory, you cannot open your projects and create new. Is a several bug, because I undertood this is a global problem affecting a lot of people. I supose, in the 10.0.7 version, internal programming connect our external hard disks like a sd card or camera, when you have folders, i root directory, with photos or video clips. This is all




    Put all your photo and camera or clip folders in a subfolder from your external harddrive and you can use it again . In fact if you have a Events and Project folders, will be works again. The problem it´s only the photo and videos folders from root directory




    I expect new patch from Apple

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    This isn't a bug. FCP is treating the drive as a camera because it sees content that appears in the form of a camera drive. There is no way for the application to distinguish this if this content is at the root level of the drive.

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    Ok Tom,you are right, but in older versions from 10.0.5 and more old, this not happens.

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    It has always happened since v10.0.

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    Not in my case, my problem starts at 10.0.6 in thunderbolt disks with the same folder structure (final cut events and projects included. Before all works fine.

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    Hi, Need help here

    USB connected external Hard disk not recognize,

    on rMBP 15" 2,6 Ghz, 10.8.4 ML (10.8.3 not work too)



    Patriot Gauntlet 2 usb 3.0 hdd enclosure

    HDD Toshiba 1 TB


    HDD Toshiba works when I put in other USB 2.0 HDD Enclosure, but not in Patriot Gauntlet 2 USB 3.0.

    another HDD not works too in PGauntlet2 (I think problem in PGauntlet2), cause

    PGauntlet2 Led indicator blink once Sometimes led flashing with dim, then nothing happen.


    But, on bootcamp Windows 7 or Windows PC based. PGauntlet2 works fine with USB 3.0 performance,

    I though ML 10.8.x not powered enough for USB 3.0 not likes Windows.


    How to solve this,

    Thanks for advice

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    Do the drives appear in the Finder when in the USB3 enclosure?

    Is it connected only via USB, or does it have an external power supply? If the problem is that the USB port on the mac does not provide enough power, you'll have to connect the external power supply, if available, or else use an "Y" cable to draw power from two USB ports at the same time.

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    Thank Luis for your quick reply,


    drivers doesn't appear in Finder or Disk Utilty.

    Enclosure only have one port for USB 3.0.


    I don't have Y cable for test, but rMBP only have two USB 3.0 port opposite each other. Hope I find Y cable can reach ports with USB 3.0 plug, soon I'll try it.


    Is there any way how to modify registry or something like that for give USB 3.0 power 500 mA more, or let apple do it for next update 10.8.4


    Sorry I was wrong on post before:

    on rMBP 15" 2,6 Ghz, 10.8.4 ML (10.8.3 not work too) Should be

    on rMBP 15" 2,6 Ghz, 10.8.3 ML (10.8.2 not work too).

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    The USB3 ports on the rMBP should be providing power according to specs. I don't know this enclosure you are using. It would be instructive to test this with the proper equipment, to figure out what is at fault. If you could take your mac to a genius bar, they could probably  test to see if the ports are providing the right amount of power.

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    SOLVED with new replacement from patriotmemory, after discussion and following instruction, they put my problem as RMA, now it's works great.

    Thanks for all:


    USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Bus:


      Host Controller Location:          Built-in USB

      Host Controller Driver:          AppleUSBXHCI

      PCI Device ID:          0x1e31

      PCI Revision ID:          0x0004

      PCI Vendor ID:          0x8086

      Bus Number:          0x14


    SS Drive:


      Product ID:          0x6518

      Vendor ID:          0x11b0  (ATECH FLASH TECHNOLOGY)

      Version:           0.72

      Serial Number:          0CB11FFF0000000000002681

      Speed:          Up to 5 Gb/sec

      Manufacturer:          AFT

      Location ID:          0x14900000 / 2

      Current Available (mA):          900

      Current Required (mA):          224

      Capacity:          640,14 GB (640.135.026.688 bytes)

      Removable Media:          Yes

      Detachable Drive:          Yes

      BSD Name:          disk1

      Partition Map Type:          MBR (Master Boot Record)

      S.M.A.R.T. status:          Not Supported



      Capacity:          640,13 GB (640.132.383.744 bytes)

      Available:          451,46 GB (451.461.787.648 bytes)

      Writable:          No

      File System:          NTFS

      BSD Name:          disk1s1

      Mount Point:          /Volumes/640GB

      Content:          Windows_NTFS