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I recently bought a pair of EoP adapters.  These are TP-Link AV500 units and they are rated with a 300 meter range over power lines.


I have them working fine in my house, in fact they work on all 3 power phases which is encouraging.


But when I try them 100 meters apart the Ethernet status tells me that the "ethernet is connected but it has a SELF-ASSIGNED IP address and cannot connect to the internet.


For those of you who are about to mention circuit breaker, meter, other electrical equipment interference, I confirm that the connection 100 meters apart has none of these issues, I have made the connections at each clean end of a heavy duty underground power line between two buildings, on the same side of a single meter and on the mains side of any breakers etc. in switchboards.


So I feel that the key to this problem is the 'self-assigned' IP address.  Can I override or circumvent this?  Can I put in a manual IP address that will pick up the ethernet over this distance (and it seems that distance is one issue.)


The makers of the TP-Link units assure me that these units have been tested to work up to 300 metres


But mine doe not...unless I can get some assistance with this problem