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when I turn on my macintosh lc 2 it displays a floppy disk with a flashing question mark in the middle. How do I make it work?


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  • Matt Clifton Level 7 (29,850 points)

    I suggest you repost your question in the "older hardware" section of the forum - users there are likelier to help you. This section is for Intel iMacs.



  • JustSomeGuy Level 3 (575 points)

    Your LC 2 has an internal 40 or 80 Megabyte (with an M!) SCSI drive.  It has failed or otherwise become inoperable.  That's what the flashing question mark means - it's looking for some media to boot, and didn't find any.  So you have a hardware problem on your hands.  Depending on your skill level with reparing electronics, you can open up the box and take a look, or find a local geek or users' group to help out. 

  • Appaloosa mac man Level 5 (4,330 points)

    I would say that the problem is a corrupted System folder.The first thing to look for is a boot disk.  If you have a backup, try booting from that. If you have limited hardware available to you, you may need to find a user group that can test your Mac.


    We start with an external zip drive with a system backup.  If the zip system starts machine number one, it should start machine number two.  It is all about ruling out problems.  Once you start a machine with an external drive, you can use Disk First Aid to check the internal drive. 


    As a last resort, you can use Drive Setup to look at the drive.  Do not format the drive because that will erase your files.  If it is just a corrupted system folder then the rest of the drive should be fine.  Just use Drive Setup to see if the drive can be formatted.  If not, then you know that you most likely have a hardware issue.

  • Jan Hedlund Level 6 (9,715 points)

    It may be worth testing a PRAM reset to begin with (and to check the internal battery).