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    turboterry wrote:



    You don't as already stated in your original post.

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    As for me, I would use photo recovery apps. Because I dislike cumbersome process to *******, such as from iTunes or iCloud. If you want fast way, go and search some iphone photo recovery tool.


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    If you are talking about photos that were taken with the iPhone, then you might be able to restore some of them from a previous backup.  If there aren't any in any previous backups, then I'm afraid you are out of luck. 


    If these were photos that were synced to your iPhone, they should still be on your computer.





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    Before a sync or restore, I believe that iTunes will create a backup of your phone's contents (unless you manually cancel this backup). The backup will contain the photos and videos that were on the phone.


    You can check if a backup was created by doing the following:


    Launch iTunes
    iTunes > Preferences > Devices
    See if there is an entry with the date of the restore.
    If a backup exists, you can recover your data with one of two methods:


    Restore your phone using that backup; or
    Use an application such as iPhone Backup Extractorto extract the images out of the backup file.

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    When you want to recover iPhone photos, you are not allowed to connect your iPhone to computer directly, because iTunes will save the recent data automatically. First of all, you should check whether you have the backup files
    iTunes> preferences> devices
    All your backup files are listed.
    Then click iTunes>preferences> devices "prevent iPhone from syncing automatically." select OK and close the window after checking" don't sync"
    Now you can connect iPhone to PC and recover deleted photos from iPhone. What you should notice is that is based on you have the backup files.
    If you are not lucky to erase all pics....Sorry to tell you that you cannot get them back unless you don't mind some third party tools.



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    after update itunes software i lost all photos, contacts and apps   in my iphone 

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    Updating iTunes does not cause you to lose those things on your phone.

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    kabaie wrote:


    after update itunes software i lost all photos, contacts and apps   in my iphone 

    Restore from your back up. If you don't have a back up (why don't you?), they are gone.

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    I've lost all my phone Contacts, Photos, apps  when update itunes software. Updated files size was 1.2 GB. My iphone after update is empty.

    When i connected iphone to computer, itunes ask for update itunes software, which size was 1.2GB and after downloading update, it restart my iphone automatically and after started iphone all files, photos, contacts, apps was lost. When updating software my iphone was connected to computer. sorry for my english

    This software downloaded and updated from itunes downloads

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    well, you can recover deleted photos from iPhone via iTunes or iCloud backup.

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    Janston wrote:


    Actually, you don’t need to back up your iPhone 5 directly, every time you sync with iTunes, iTunes will create a backup of your iPhone.


    If you have enabled iCloud, every time, your iPhone is connected to Wifi and a power source, and the screen is locked, iCloud will automatically backup your photos.


    Other than restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup, there are still at least 3 other solutions for you to get your photos back, see the tutorial: how to recover deleted photos from iPhone.

    Janston, thanks very much for your kind reminder. I successfully found previous backup files created automatically by iTunes. The next step, I think, I should do is to find an iTunes Backup Extract to extract the files from the backup files.

    You are lucky to get lost photos. But i don't have any backup files.

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    Thank you, Sheriff: Worked for me too


    Image Capture (native Mac OS X app) had shown two copies of all new photos on my iPhone, I had deleted one of the two copies for each of the "double" photos, just to find that both photos (if there every actually where two) were deleted once I connected the iPhone again the next day.


    <rant> The way that photos are organized on iOS is highly confusing and very frustrating (camera roll, photostream, albums, iCloud, iPhoto, Image Capture, iTunes etc..., I really have no time to think through some designers non-intuitive approach. Why not just have photos that are either on the device or they are not, and I can copy them to my computer via USB cable and Finder, that would be all functionality needed for me). Also, why are photos shown double in Image Capture? Why don't I see the photostream in Image Capture? I don't get it... could all be much more intuitively organized and better thought through IMHO </rant>

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    For any one else struggling with this and you have iOS8, try your recently deleted album in your Photos app. If not, try restoring from an iTunes or iCloud backup. However this will only work if you had created a backup before the photos were deleted.


    If you haven't created a backup, you can recover deleted photos straight from your iPhone with a program we developed here in my office.

    Take a look we'd be happy to help :-)


    (Disclaimer: I work for the company I mentioned and wrote the help articles contained on the website. So, I stand to benefit, financially or otherwise, from the link I am providing.)

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    When I do this, some of the files still stay "corrupt." Is there any way to tell if those are videos? Is there a way to save those as well? I've tried to change them to .mov or .wmv but neither of those worked