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So for a long time now, back when I had my iPhone 4 and now on my iPhone 5, I will sometimes get a new e-mail and it will clearly be spam but in my inbox. I know I know, spam does sometimes get into your inbox, but there is something much weirder going on. So since you can't mark e-mails as spam in the iPhone mail app, at least not when you have a yahoo account, I will go on safari and login to yahoo mail to mark it as spam. Well here's the weird part, when I get to my inbox the e-mail has mysteriously disappeared! Then I will exit safari and go back to the mail app where it will update and the e-mail will again disappear. Then I will goto spam/junk and there the e-mail will be. What is going on? The e-mail WILL NOT disappear in the mail app until I goto yahoo.com and check my inbox there.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2