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im sorry. my english is not well



using compressor 4.0.6


file.scc(24fps) Timecode start

file.mov(24fps) timecode start


I've tried to add scc to movie by using Compressor 4.0.6

used apple prores 4 2 2 (hq) codec

video settings: enable chroma filtering or 4:4:4 sources


but subtitles eventually starts appear before they must be. in the end of movie subtitles appears 3 seconds before they must be


if i check it in the Annotation Edit(subtitle program) subtitles are there where they should be


and if i add SCC to movie by using QT its OK, subtitles are there where they should be


something wrong when compressor convert movie with scc file, but i cant understand what


Can you help me with my problem?