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My settings are all set to never and my machine goes to sleep.



Mac OS X: Why your Mac might not sleep or stay in sleep mode


Energy Saver settings: If the computer and display sleep timers are set to "Never", the computer will not sleep.


MAC Pro 10.7.5 My settings are all set to never and my machine goes to sleep. I get a spinning wheel and see the screen saver, the machine is not frozen as the server is still running but I have to force restart it to see the desktop. Any idea why?

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    I have the same problem as well on one of my older iMacs running 10.7.5.  It's clearly a bug.  There's no setting in System Preferences / Energy Saver that you can adjust that will resolve the problem. 


    You are out of luck, unless you want to start over and reinstall IOS from scratch.  Then, install all your apps from scratch and copy back all your documents, files etc.  If you try starting over, don't forget to cross you fingers, because it might be one of the apps that exposed the bug in IOS.


    I "solved" the problem by installing the app Caffeine and configuring to indefinately.  It's not a great solution because Caffeine also prevents your monitoring for turning off.  So you waste a lot of energy / $$$.


    Good luck!