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I'm still having a weird problem since I upgraded to the iPhone 5.  My calandar, which has dates going back over 5 years only shows "dots" for events going back 12 months.  The month view shows no events (dots) in any given month yet when I touch any certain date that had an appointment, the appointment information is shown below the actual caladar.  As well, at that point if I go forward or backword a month (via the arrows next to the month) and then back to the original month, the dots are all there and all the appointments are listed at their proper days and times.

I have checked on the icloud and all dates are the setting in my settings/mail, contacts, calandars menu is set to sync "all events".

This worked properly on my iPhone 4S but is now having this issue.  Is this normal?  Can somebody who has a ton of back dates try this for me?


Thanks in advance.

iPhone 5, iOS 6