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I'm a new user of ProfileManager.


I've removed a profile (for Email Service) from the "Settings for Everyone" profile, because I've created an alternative email service profile for each of the two types of user on our system.  The new profile has appeared on machines successfully (i.e. they've got new email settings based on the new profiles) but the old email settings haven't gone away.


The settings in profile manager show that there is no email profile in the Settings for Everyone profile, but when I open the profile on an OS X client and look at the profiles in System Preferences, the entry for the "Settings for Everyone" profile still shows the email setting as part of it.  The old mail account also still appears on iOS devices (but you can't review the content of the profiles on iOS as far as I can tell).  For now simply disabling the old account in the settings on the various machines achieves the desired user experience, but would be interested to know what the right way of doing this is...


Will this sort itself out in due course?  Or have I done something wrong?  Or do I need to do something extra to complete the change?


Thanks in advance.

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