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I Just Purchased A Used Apple Imac G4 (2002), What Software/Hardware Do I Need To Purchase To Bring My Computer Up To Date? My Computer Currently Runs Slow And I Cannot Use Itunes On Outdated Software. When I try To Download Newer Software I Am Unable To?

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    OK, a 2002 G4 is quite old for a main computer but is still usable if you don't do too many intensive tasks.

    Please go to >About this Mac for information on your computer. Screenshot the About this Mac window and post it here, or post the info you see in the box.

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    Apple:About This Mac:

    Mac OS X

    Version 10.4.11

    Processor:800 MHz Power PC G4

    Memory:512 MB SDRAM


    Hardware Overview:


      Machine Name:          iMac

      Machine Model:          PowerMac4,2

      CPU Type:          PowerPC G4  (2.1)

      Number Of CPUs:          1

      CPU Speed:          800 MHz

      L2 Cache (per CPU):          256 KB

      Memory:          512 MB

      Bus Speed:          100 MHz

      Boot ROM Version:          4.4.0f1

      Serial Number:

      Sales Order Number:

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    OK, you are currently running the latest OS X version your iMac can run (unless you use a hack). You could consider upgrading the RAM, this will speed up your computer. Search "iMac G4 RAM upgrade" on YouTube or iFixit for some help with this.

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    I Found Thermal Paste Online And The Following Ram:

    1 Certified Apple Compatible 512mb PC2100 DDR Memory stick.

    Would This Be The Right Memory Stick?

    Thank You For Pointing Me In The Right Direction.

    I Found Instructions On Ifixit......

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    There is quite a bit of nostalsia for the "Luxo iMac:"


    Luxo jr.jpg

    iMac G4.jpg


    My daughter purchased one and we used it to run Mac OS X Tiger Server for quite a few years.  I will never dump it!


    The highest level of Mac OS X that will run on this computer is Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8.  Apple no longer sells Leopard.  You can find it on eBay, but it is pricey.  Additional RAM is ALWAYS helpful: check out OWC and other Mac memory websites for the best information and prices. Usually you must replace old RAM modules with new ones to add RAM; infrequently, you can add to the existing RAM chips.


    iFixit is a good source of information.

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    I think that is the correct RAM module.

    To MichaelLAX - This G4 won't run Leopard as Leopard requires a 867MHz processor.

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    Thanks for the correction: While I never personally upgraded my iMac G4 to Leopard from Tiger Server, there are threads that discuss its ability to run it; for example:




    So the OP can choose to find Tiger on eBay and install that instead.  Will Apple still update OS X Tiger 10.4 in Software Updates?

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    Actually, it could run Leopard, but only with a hack (LeopardAssist) which in my experience hasn't worked well.

    10.4 is no longer supported so there is no more software updates.