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I created two iBooks via iBooks Author and I want to share them via google drive before uploading them to the iTunes Store. Although each of both books has its own link and both books are completely different, there is kind of a bug when I want to open them with iBooks.


I can download and open one of the two books (via iBooks) without any problems. But when I want to download and open the second book, iBooks open the first Book I've downloaded before.


I can't understand this issue cause the books are different, they have different file names and each of them has an own download link. 


When I open link 1 to download the book (via iPad) , iBooks opens this brochure without any problems. But when I want to download book 2 (=Link 2) afterwards, iBooks open the book from the first link.


I don't know what I can do to solve the problem and I hope, you do have an idea.



There's also another problem:


After having both books in my iBooks Library (I did it via iTunes and synchr.) they are presented with different covers. But when I want to open one of the two books the cover from the other book pops up.



I really hope, u can understand my problems and I would be extremely happy if someone could help solving the problem.


Kind regards,