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We are having a problem. 


Situation : We have a Mac server on 10.6.8 tight to AD.  We have about 1000 Mac clients connected to it.  We push printers to them via that server (bonjour, IP and Windows).

Problem : when we want to remove/delete a printer from the list of available printers for a specific group, that won't work.  It's deleted on the server, it's not there anymore, but the users still has it.  I made lots of research on that, but the community is so small that I can't find an answer.  I spent lots of hours already on trying to find a solution by myself by tweaking Cups and see with a script how I'll manage that. 


Question : why when we delete a printersfrom the server that action is not sent to the users.  To me, it's a bug and a good one.


The only solution right now for us when a printer needs to be remove is to go in each and every single computers.  Which is not acceptable and that's the reason why we bought a Mac Server; to have a much as we can automated and I can tell you guys that Apple left the IT admin behind on many points.  Many of the little feature that should work like : "Allow user to modify the printer list".. not working..


Thanks for your help!

Mac mini, OS X Server