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This might be a simple issue, but this is our first MAC Server that we are intergrating into our AD Forrest. This is more or less a test server at this point so our WIN Admin's can start playing with the MAC Server functionality. We have a mid-sized AD forrest and 98% our our workstations are WIn7, however MAC clients have begun to "appear", as well as a 100 or so iPads.


So we are implementing the a Mac Server into the network to see what functionality we might be able to utilize it for, so any suggestions along the way will be great.


We have been able to bind the Mac Server the AD domain and now within Server Manager-Accounts-Users all of the domain users are listed as Network Users. For our Administrators I have opened their user accounts and enable "administor this server"


As well in the Directory Utility I have enabled "Allow Administration By:" with access given to domain admins and enterpise admins, which everyone that I am tring to get access to are part of either one if of the user groups and it show the groups they are a part of in their user account.


But when we try to VNC into the server it will not let us log in using our AD account info. Am I missing something here, do I have to manually create local users on the MAC Server for each of our admins?


On the MAC clients(Most running Lion) we can bind them to AD, which at that point the clients have access into the network shares are not being "mapped out". But when looking in the Direcotry Utility from the client machine under the users the paths are correct to their Home Directories and the SMB ScriptPath lists the correct logon script for the users. But from what we can tell nothing is being done with either of these. If browsing to the netowrk shares permissions are applied and access is given properly. We would like for the users network shares to be "mounted" as well.


On my MAC Client I have created an AppleScript App utilizing Automator to Mount to one of our file servers when I logon but to have the network shares mounted each time a user logs in would be much more helpful espically from a managment aspect.


If more info is needed I will be more then happy to provide?




Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Server 10.8.2