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Hello All! So I have had this issue since the Itunes U update from November/December 2012. I load a banner image (1024x768) in the Tag page Configuration and it shows properly in the View Preview ITunes. When I click live view or navigate to it from I Tunes it is just a white page. It shows the podcast but other than that it is completly blank. All the tag pages are appearing this way. I have waited a month and it has not changed. I've deleted the page and re created it with no difference. I've tried different pictures.Nothing seems to correct this problem. The only thing that does work is the Provider Page banner. FYI I was also unable to get the categories feature to work, so I created my own Categories tag in the text lists on the provider page. I then create Tag Pages and add them to the Categories tag I created.


Windows 7
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    Greetings Randy;

    Welcome to the new iTunes 11 world!  When Apple updated the iTunes Application, unfortunately one of the things that seems to have gone away is Provider-specific art work in the Tag and Collections pages.  Everybody now shares a nice shade of white (Tag pages) or brown (Collection Pages). 


    One of the more troubling changes with the iTunes 11 Application is the removal of the external URL functionality in the iTunes U space.  I'm hopeful that in the future this feature (along with the Provider-specific grapics) will return.


    All the best....


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