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I have an ipad 3 and just bought a hp c310 I can print emails but not photos. The printer selects printer paper but then ejects paper without printing


Can anyone help

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6.0.1, Hp c310 printer
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    From the words of an HP engineer:


    1) Make sure you have Internet connectivity to your printer. Open up one of the Apps on your printer an make sure the content loads.

    2) Make sure you have the latest Firmware in your printer. While the C310 does support AirPrint out of the box, there have been Firmware updates since it shipped to make sure everything works correctly. After doing step 1, go to:

    Tools->Web->Automatic Updates->Check for Product Updates. This should indicate your firmware is up-to-date or update firmware.

    3) Sometimes simply restarting everything (Router, Printer, iOS devices) will clear up any problems you have.

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    Make sure you have photo paper in the C310's photo tray.

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    Hi I have tried this, I saw your post prior to asking the question. I can also print web pages, but still not notes or photos

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    Yes the photo paper is in. The printer picks up the paper, sounds like it wants to print ten stops

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    It sounds like the rollers aren't grabbing the photo paper. You can try to give the photo paper a little push when the printer tries to grab it.

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    Hi all Thanks for the advice. The problem is now solved. What I hadn't realised was that there was a hp app that I needed to download to my ipad and print through that.  I guess us old folk dont really get new technology doh!