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    You all saved me!  I use the notes app to track my mileage for business purposes and lost all of my July miles.  Irish I would know before--have lost other mileage logs, but so happy to find them all tucked away in yahoo!


    Thanks everyone!   

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    My notes just disappeared yesterday and when I opened my ipad the note I had with a confirmation number on it was there and when I closed it and opened it again it was gone.  I can't see where on my yahoo account to find notes can someone direct me to that?  Also my notes on my phone are syncing to m husbands ipad but not his phone so I lost a bunch there too.  How do I access icloud to see I'd they are there? Thanks for any help

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    Ahh I I found it.

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    I found my notes in the yahoo notes folder...even we're some in there I had forgotten about. Like an idiot instead of just copying and pasting them back into the notes, I put a couple in the inbox and thought I would transfer it from there..except they aren't showing up inn the inbox. Any ideas?

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    Notes and using e-mail to store it is poorly thought out. If you click don't sync, everything is lost on the iPhone. It should at least recover from what is stored on the e-mail account.

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    I've seen many suggestions on HOW to try to get Notes back.  Any clue as to WHY this is happening in the first place? ...or when the bug will get fixed?  Who can we contact to get this fix prioritized?  (A QA manager speaketh. LOL)

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    Exactly! It is a bug. No one can tell me that is good design, losing data on your

    IPhone just because it is being pushed to a mail sysytem. As well as if you start changing the settings,

    You can actually lose the data.



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    This has only happened to me this week but unfortunately started with the loss of all of my Calendar entries for the past 2 months and then in the last 2 days I have also lost all my notes (barring the odd entries and notes randomly left behind).


    After reading this post I have miraculously discovered my Calendar and Notes in Yahoo mail in the Calendar tab and Notes folder - just to let you know it can also happen to your Calendar as this has not been previously mentioned - when researching on the web was directed to software that could retrieve the info from iphone HD - should have known to check the apple discussions for the solution Thank you all so much this has been of great assistance and prompted me to finally join in a discussion for the first time.




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    I've been in panic mode for the last hour trying to find out where a note that has critical implications and I've read in several posts about recovery software and when I came back to the Apple community chat I saw your post. Can you tell me was the name of the software wondershare? Have you tried it yet? I was reading some of the comments on their webpage and it sounded like a mixed bag of success. The most alarming was someone saying their phone was wiped clean. I would really appreciate hearing from you about whether this worked or not.


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    It's going to be okay.

    You can get your notes back on your phone.

    No problem. It's real simple once you know it

    and you don't have to cut-and-paste back-n-forth

    or have to find extra software to fix it.


    Just go to your iPhone and do the following:


    (For Yahoo mail users)


    If Yahoo mail has taken away your notes from your phone
    and you would like to restore them to your phone...


    1.) Go to your iPhone, go to "settings", go to "mail, contacts, calendars"


    2.) The first thing you will see is "Accounts".

    Tap every single one of your listed accounts and turn notes to the "ON" position.

    Tap ALL of them.

    (I had to do it in all three different accounts listed).


    3) Now go to your home screen, tap the notes icon.

    You will see at the top in the brown bar, on the left, the word "Accounts". Tap it. 


    4.) Choose "All Notes".

    At this point all your notes should now appear on your phone.

    As a matter of fact you may have duplicate notes.

    Not to worry, easy peasy fix.


    5.) Okay, so go to settings


    6.) Go to "notes"


    7.) Under notes you'll see a selection of fonts and then under

    that you will see "Default Account".

    Tap default account and choose "on my iPhone".

    Now, all future notes will sync to your iPhone.


    8.) Go to the home screen, go to "settings", go to "mail, contacts, calendars"


    9.) Go to "Accounts". Tap "Yahoo".

    Not your email address, but the word Yahoo.


    10.) Deactivate it by selecting "off" for everything listed.

    (After step 11 you could potentially delete it all together if you wanted to).



    11.) Go to the apps store, download the Yahoo Mail App. Set it up.

    And use that icon to access email.


    (My theory on this is that it ensures that Yahoo won't take your notes

    as Yahoo is not using your phone software, but its own app.

    Remember that the iPhone mail icon came before all the

    big players had their own apps, so its kind of redundant now.)


    12.) Sync as normal.


    ALL Done! Hope this helps!


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    First of all there is no "Accounts" under my note icon.  Second there is no "Default Account" in my note settings..just fonts.  This is just crazy that so many people are having this issue and it has not been fixed.

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    iLovemykeens, i'm glad your solution works for you, but it doesn't work for everyone.


    Here is my issue. I have had my iTouch for around 3-4 years and i love it. I have had my yahoo email account synced since i first set up the device. About 2 months ago i went to my notes to use one that i use monthly and it was gone. I assumed i had somehow accidently deleted it even though i don't think i have deleted a note in over a year. I had forgotten that the notes are backed up, or synced to a notes folder in Yahoo mail until earlier today.

    Upon looking through my yahoo notes, not only did i find the note i thought had been deleted but i found 8 other notes that are not showing in my iTouch notes. Here's the interesting thing. They are all dated between April 1, 2013 and June 13, 2013 (the last date they were modified). There are a number of notes dated from March 2013 back to 2009, as well as some new notes I have created or modified in July. Only the 9 notes that were modified in April, May and June are missing when I open my iTouch notes.

    Here is the second interesting item. When in notes on the iTouch, if I choose the Accounts button it shows “All Notes”, “On My iPod touch” and “Yahoo”. ALL notes were created on the iTouch and should show under that button. However, only 7 notes of my total 56 notes show up as being “On My iPod touch” and these 7 are not in the Yahoo notes folder. The 5 oldest, one random note from 2012 and one I modified on July 14th, 2013. What’s funny is that I modified 5 notes that day so why is one showing “On My iPod touch” and the other 4 in the Yahoo folder.

    It would seem that at some point in the past most of my notes were randomly deleted from my iTouch but are available to be seen/modified because they were synced from the Yahoo notes folder. But if this is the case, why are those 9 notes modified in April, May and June not available on my iTouch. Why are a random 9 notes being ignored from the Yahoo folder when sycing?

    Here is what I did. Now logically speaking, it should work but has not. On my iTouch i went to Settings then Mail, Contacts, Calendars then under Accounts chose Yahoo then deleted the account. So now my iTouch notes only shows the 7 notes that are still physically on the device. Now I re-setup the Yahoo email and sync the notes but on the iTouch those notes from April, May and June still do not show up. This makes no sense and is unbelievably frustrating. I know some people earlier have said that they changed their sync account to Gmail but I have seen other threads where Gmail accounts have had the same problems so I’m not sure what to do now.


    Good luck all

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    rbnrbn wrote:


    First of all there is no "Accounts" under my note icon.  Second there is no "Default Account" in my note settings..just fonts.

    If you don't see "Accounts" that's because of either (a) you have only one external mail account which is set to sync your notes, or (b) you're not syncing your notes to any external account (i.e. your notes only exist on your device).  You only get the option to choose which account to sync to if you have more than one choice available.

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    It seems that most (all?) these posts have two things in common -- Yahoo and iOS.  Yahoo users seem to be having the problem, but it still could be an iOS issue.  But I sync notes to iCloud and have never lost a single note, so it seems to me that combination is much more robust.  If you're not utilizing your iCloud email account for your notes you might give that a try.


    You do have to set up an iCloud email account to do this, but you don't have to use your iCloud email account for email if you don't want to.  Also, you can create, edit, or delete notes in your iCloud account from any computer without any special software (just go to to make changes).

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    So here is where I stand now...

    I tried the Dr. Fone app and it did find deleted notes and it found part of the note that I was searching for but it only had a update date (redundant) from several months ago. So then I saw your post about going out to I did that as well and there were none of my old notes, just the current ones. So here in lies the rub.

    I have always had notes, calendar and emails backed up/synced to the cloud. However, I did find the same notes previously mentioned in my Yahoo note tab.

    I have not done a backup/sync to my computer in a month or so, long before I updated the note. I hate to ask, because I'm afraid I know the answer. Is my note lost forever? If there is anything else I can try I would really appreciate some help/guidance.

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