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    Glad it worked for you and to have been of help.  John


    Merry Christmas.

  • JustinDLC Level 1 Level 1

    I have a problem, I accidently deleted my icloud in settings when trying to back up my files and everything apart from my notes has remained except i really need my notes back!

    Is there any way of retreiving my lost notes? they havent been backed up and i have been trying to use Dr.Fone to recover them but that doesnt seem to want to sink with my ios Device

    has anyone here had a similar problem?! pretty much 4 months of uni notes gone in an instant

    stupidity i know, should of backed them up regularly but i thought they had been but clearly hadnt

  • BarryandJohn Level 1 Level 1

    Call Apple.  When I had my problem with missing Notes (above) a lady there told me they can retreive any deleted file for up to ten days after you pressed 'delete'.


    Explain the situation.  The lady at Apple was very helpful.

  • FLGatorLady Level 1 Level 1

    If you go into your phone settings > mail, contacts, Calendars>


    Turn Notes ON in all of your accounts,


    This resolved mine issue as I had turned notes off in Gmail with thoughts I would save my free 5GB from Apple,

    but when i did this, it caused the notes in my phone to disapper.  I had not idea that they were linked to gmail which I do not use.  And when I sign into gmail, there are no notes. 


    But turning NOTES ON in all accounts brought my notes back. 


    Hope this helps everyone. 

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    If it is not one thing it is another, issue with my camera and now (within the last month) notes. My notes are important to me. I have well over 100 and if they disappear I am lost. This is another issue that apple needs to fix.

  • oliverlmn Level 1 Level 1

    thanks a lot for this useful help.

  • AudreB Level 1 Level 1

    I am so frustrated I want to lose it.  I tried what you said and only my old notes prior to august 2013 returned.  My phone did an auto update at 2am today and I think that's the problem.  I am afraid to restore to the previous backup because the notes I am looking for were made more recently that the sept update that it wants to restore to. I think it's horrible that I will have to pay $19 to talk to someone that can restore them? I hope you or someone can help me.  I had some major goals and to do lists that just disappeared. ;-(

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    Not an update I meant to say backup at 2 am.

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    If your notes are in the iCloud, try turning the iCloud notes off and on. That should bring them back, it did for me.

  • AudreB Level 1 Level 1

    No I had tried hat and it didn't work either. ;-(

  • AudreB Level 1 Level 1

    I have lost some of my most recent reminders as well. So frustrating because I use them for work, now I have to try to piece backward so it doesn't cost me at work.

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    I finally said the heck with it and gave up. Luckily a tech friend had helped me back up the notes on my old iPhone 4S onto my Mac prior to trading it in for a new unlocked 5S which I'm using now, so I have the option of printing out a hard copy. Good old paper does not do a disappearing act!


    As for getting my notes back by geeking around with the settings, I went and downloaded a totally different notes app for free... I'll have to transcribe my paper notes into it the long way and see if it's any good, and in the meantime I'll give Apple's notes app the finger. My iPad has the same problem with disappearing notes.


    I am the kind of person who expects something to happen when I push a button, strange as that may seem... that's why I went with Mac 20 years ago... it's a shame to see that Apple's OS developers are starting to slip and make it more like piece-o'-junk Windows.


    Please, PLEASE be smart enough to save all your notes as hard copies ASAP!!!

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    This is all great and dandy. I've read multiple time to "back-up" your notes yada yada. No where in here was an identification as to WHY the notes disappear.


    It is like saying "Why do I have a headache?" A reply would be "because you need to take acetaminophen (Tylenol)"


    Headaches aren't due to a lack of Tylenol. There is a root cause. 


    So let's ask the question slightly different. What is the root cause for notes disappearing?  It isn't due to  to a lack of backup. 

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    see my post of Aug 6, 2013


    Nothing from Apple since however. Now I use Evernote.

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    Thanks Gwaiguy, 


    That was well explained and it covered some ideas that I had. However, I never considered looking in a Yahoo thread for solutions. 


    In the end, I tend to agree with your comments about what's driving Apples lack of interests. I have insufficient trust in backing my notes to Yahoo, Gmail, or the "Cloud" because all those are also known as THE INTERNET for anyone to have access to. 


    I will have to continue work on networking with my home PC. 

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